“… applications can provide really good mathematical questions … and you have the pleasure of seeing the idea have actually used.”

Gilbert Strang

“I think there is a good framework of thinking. It is physics … first principle reasoning … boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there, as opposed to reasoning by analogy.”

Elon Musk

My name is Md. Iftekhar Tanveer. I am a Ph.D. student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester. I work with Dr. M. Ehsan Hoque in ROCHCI to push the boundaries of science and to touch the lives of people.

I am interested in (1) Sensing, modeling and predicting human behaviors from raw data, (2) Developing interfaces that are deeply rooted in machine learning and artificial intelligence. I strive for modeling human behaviors and using those models for frictionless interaction between human and computers. Currently I am working on designing better machine learning techniques to predict public speaking performance. Such algorithms would help building a public speaking teaching and evaluation system in the future.

My work differs significantly from the “interpretivist” attitude. I depend heavily on data scientific and machine learning techniques to model human behavior. Here is a blog post that I wrote several years ago on this topic. I am also interested in teaching and mentoring. Here is one of my unfinished blog on teaching philosophies.

What’s New

I met Prof Gilbert Strang!

Jan 2018: Our paper got accepted in CHI 2018
Oct 6th, 2017:
 Thesis proposal accepted
Sep 26, 2017:
 Invited talk at Brain and Cognitive Science department for NSF Research Traineeship Program (NRT)
May 15, 2017:
Going to work as an intern at the Comcast AI Research Lab
July 24th, 2016:
Invited talk at RIT for One-Day REU Symposium
Sep 1st, 2016:
AutoManner code is released
Jan 15th, 2016:
IUI travel grant award approved
Dec 7th, 2015:
Our paper got accepted in IUI 2016
15th Sep, 2015:
 I got the ACMMM travel grant award 2015.
4th July, 2015:
 Our short paper in ACM Multimedia got accepted.
26th June, 2015: One item in my bucket list is checked — I met Prof. Gilbert Strang!!
16th April, 2015: My IUI paper (Rhema) is being featured in UoR news and other news: NY MagazinewxxinewsEngadget, Gizmag, Eurekalert, Entrepreneur, InnovationTrail. Awesome feelings in getting the first press coverage in life.
24th February, 2015: I got the IUI Student Travel Grant award 2015
13th January, 2015:
Another paper is accepted. This time in Face and Gesture (FG) Conference 2015