Please check the following pages for an up-to-date list of my projects and open-sourced repositories:

AutoManner AutoManner is an intelligent interface that can automatically (unsupervised) extract human gestures using Microsoft Kinect to make speakers aware of their mannerisms. Paper1Paper2
Project Page
Rhema A Google Glass based solution to provide live feedback to the speaker regarding their public speaking performance. We utilized the state of the art knowledge to minimize the distraction level while designing the feedback scheme.
FEPS An android based solution for the blind people to understand other people’s facial expressions. Paper
Facial Action A face tracker to extract various facial features. Code
Facial Feature Detector A “LaplacianFace” approach for detecting spectacles in face
Project Report
iVISA This is a contribution to the field of “Interactive Machine Learning” before the field even existed (I implemented it in 2010). The goal of the system is to annotate the landmark points on a picture of a human face in a semi-automatic fashion. The system automatically predicts the landmark points and the user adjusts them. This gradually improves the prediction model. The system uses Active Shape Model (ASM) for prediction of landmark points.
User Manual
Download Installer (Windows)
Review Miner A project that I did for my Data Mining class at the University of Memphis. Implementation of a Naive Bayes classifier to classify good and bad reviews. Implemented in Java. Download


All of my MATLAB codes uploaded in Mathworks File exchange File exchange link

Old Visual Basic Programs

Drama by MS Agents [Just for Fun] It is a small program to parse a customized drama script and animate the characters according to the script. It can show some limited animations based on the characters. I made this program back in 2002 using Microsoft Agents Discontinued from Windows 7 [Update: The date in the post has been reset to 2015 after a massive data crash in planet source code] Planet-source-code Link
Fourier Plotter In my sophomore years, I became so enthusiastic on the nature and properties of Fourier Series that I started coding this software to check whether actually the sine and cosine terms can constitute any periodic function. Planet-Source-Code Link Setup for Windows
Equation Plotter I have forgotten actually when I started making this program. At that time I didn’t have any tool for plotting equations. So I started creating one from scratch. Setup for Windows